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Design is my life calling, I love to create and create. Therefore, I help brands and companies to create modern and thoughtful websites. In my work I use an exclusively unique approach and author's developments. Also, I develop my own design community, where I teach thousands of designers, share insiders, unique materials, predict and analyze trends.
About me
Creating a Landing page consists of developing several design concepts, creating the design of the entire page, mobile adaptive and UI Kit`a. Suitable for a small business/brand that wants to promote a product or service.
One page website design
7-10 дней
One-stop business solution. The service includes the creation of a full-fledged corporate website, namely: prototypes, rendering of several design concepts, design of all pages and mobile adaptive of the site.
Site support - 30 days.
corporate website design
20-30 days
Suitable for brands that want to transfer their sales from social networks to an online platform with more functionality and profit. The service includes drawing prototypes, creating several design concepts and page designs, product tiles and carts, as well as mobile adaptives for the entire site.
Site support - 30 days.
Online store design
from 900$
20-30 days
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Useful materials for designers, programmers, marketers, SMM specialists and other IT experts. Every day new interesting posts
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On my YouTube channel you can upgrade your design skills, learn the latest trends in the design world, and find a lot of useful materials
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